£100 Loan – Borrow 100 pounds today

Do you need a £100 loan to cover a financial emergency or unexpected bill? What if you have a poor credit rating and you need the money now – not in a few days' time?

Subject to status, you may be able to apply to borrow a hundred pounds and we can find the right lender for your circumstance, you can then choose to repay the loan over either three, six, or twelve months.

Can I get a £100 loan today?

Borrow £100 payday loan with bad credit

Yes, depending on the outcome of your application you might be able to receive the money today.

The actual time to receive the money will depend on the speed your bank processes incoming transactions. This can vary, but if a lender approves your application the money is usually sent to your bank account within minutes.

Can I borrow 100 pounds with bad credit?

Yes, you might be able to get a £100 loan even with bad or poor credit. We have a panel of direct lenders who are specialised in working with borrowers with less than perfect credit history.

Our partners believe that lending should be available even to people who have made financial mistakes in the past. Although your credit score is still important to them, what makes them different is that they're also very interested in how you're doing right now financially, and they take that into consideration as well when coming to a decision about your application.

Please note that no lender can guarantee in advance that you'll be approved for a loan prior to a hard credit search being run and an affordability assessment being completed.

Can I get a 100 pounds loan without a credit check?

Get a loan of one hundred pounds from a direct lender

No, getting a loan without a credit check is not possible in the UK. No credit checks loans are not available as they're not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Any company offering a guaranteed loan without a credit check is unlikely to be authorised or regulated. For your own peace of mind, always check the FCA register.

What do I need to apply?

The application process is easy and fast - you can apply online and find out within minutes whether your application has been approved or not.

When making an online application with a lender, you'll need to answer all of their questions about your personal and financial circumstances as they are today.

Lenders will require you to provide information on your:

  • income (details on how much you earn, when your next payday is, and so on)
  • expenditure (how much you spend every month and on what)
  • address history
  • contact details
  • banking details (bank current account number, sort code, what type of debit card you have)

What’s the difference between a lender and a broker?

differences between a broker and a lender

Applying direct to lenders

When you apply for a loan with a direct lender, they will only offer you their own financial products and deals if your request for finance is approved. Each lender will run a hard credit search on you. And remember the more hard searches on your file in a short space of time, the harder it may become to access the finance that you need.

Applying through a broker

If you apply via a broker, they will match you to the lenders most likely to say "yes" to your application. They'll contact each of these lenders in turn with your details. Each one contacted runs a soft credit search on you with no effect on your credit score. If one of the lenders approached has indicated they may accept your application, your broker will then re-direct you to their website for you to complete the full application form.

Once you've done that, the lender runs a series of checks on you including a hard credit search..

How long do I have to pay it back?

go shopping with a £100 loan instant approval

You can take out a short-term loan and repay it over a period of three, six, or twelve months - this is the "term" of your loan. The longer the term, the lower your monthly repayments are likely to be, but you will often end up paying more interest overall.

Dо I have to pay back the loan on my next payday?

No, you won’t have to pay back your loan on your next payday. What we offer instead is the option to apply for a flexible short term loan with repayment terms of 3, 6 and 12 months. If you apply for more than 100 pounds, the repayment terms will range from 3 to 60 months depending on the amount you apply for.

Can I get a £100 payday loan with Little Loans?

We don’t offer a £100 payday loan. Little Loans specialiООng applicants short term loans with repayment terms of 3 to 60 months depending on the sum they want to borrow.

We don’t offer payday loans, but we might be able to offer an alternative to payday loans. Our partners offer short term loans that range from £100 all the way to £10,000 with flexible repayment terms. All the direct lenders on our panel are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What happens if I can’t pay my loan back?

money in your account within minutes

Even if you're approved and offered a loan, you should not accept it if making the repayments will put you or your family into further financial hardship.

You should ensure that the money will be available in your bank account so that your lender can collect repayments in full when they become due.

If you're in debt and you're worried about your ability to successfully manage your debt, you may benefit from the free advice and support offered by the organisations like the Money Advice Service.

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