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We understand that life rarely runs as smoothly as we’d like. What happens if your car suddenly packs in on the way to work or your washing machine breaks down the day before the kids go back to school? Financial emergencies are as old as time but, thankfully, modern technology makes it easy to quickly fix unexpected short-term financial troubles

Due to increased competition in the industry and thanks to changes in the law governing short-term borrowing, there is now a wide range of short-term cash loans to choose from, even if you have bad credit.

At Little Loans, we work with over 40 Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-authorised and regulated lenders to provide customers throughout the UK with fast, competitive and affordable loans geared towards their individual short-term financial needs.

With technology such as smartphones and tablets, you can apply for – and receive - a short-term loan in a matter of minutes whether you’re at your desk or on the move, there hasn’t been a better time to apply for an instant short-term cash loan. 

So, if you require cash at short notice, then a quick online loan may be the solution for you.

Are you looking to apply for a loan?

  • What are the benefits of a quick online cash loan?
  • How quickly can you get a fast and easy short-term loan?
  • How do quick, short-term cash loans work?
  • Should you consider applying for a short-term cash loan?
  • How easy is it for you to be approved for an easy and fast loan?
  • Do you need a guarantor to apply for a short-term cash loan?
  • Are Little Loans instant cash loans authorised and regulated?
  • Can you get an instant online loan if you have a bad credit history?
  • Can you find free financial advice online? 

What are the benefits of an online loan?

A short-term cash loan provides you with the money to cover unexpected financial emergencies. If you require money quickly and without any hassle, then Little Loans and its lending partners may be able to help if you can comfortably afford the repayments.

Our streamlined loan application process provides many benefits if you’re looking for short-term credit, including:

Simple application process

On most occasions, all that’s required is for you to fill in a simple form on our website which will then be passed onto our lending partners who will make a quick decision on your loan application.

Fully transparent

At Little Loans we don’t charge any fees. However, if you make late payments or miss a payment, our lending partners may add administration charges – although not all do. It’s important to read the terms & conditions provided by our lenders before choosing whether or not to proceed with your loan application. 

Get your cash quickly

If your loan is approved, funds are typically sent to your bank account within minutes*.

How quickly can I get a fast and easy short-term loan? 

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet or computer, successful loan applications are usually processed instantaneously, meaning your money your account within minutes. * 

At Little Loans, our system is designed to ensure that we only contact lenders who are more likely to approve your short-term loan request. That way, you are provided with a decision in a matter of minutes, saving you time and unnecessary stress. 

How do quick, short-term loans work?

To apply for a short-term cash loan via Little Loans, simply fill in our quick and easy online form (LINK). We’ll then use this information to match you with what we believe to be your ideal lending partner. Each lender we contact on your behalf will run a quick soft credit check on you, analyse the details on your application form, and send us their responses to your loan request.

At this stage, you’ll be redirected to the website of the lender who is most likely to accept your application. They might need a bit more information to complete your application. Please note that we’re not always able to find a lender for every borrower.

Our lending partners typically look at several key factors when making a decision on your eligibility for an instant loan such as:

  • your employment status,
  • your level of income, and
  • your residential status.

The short-term lenders on our panel also require a UK bank account linked to a debit card into which your funds will be paid should you be accepted for a loan. This bank account will also be used to take repayments once it comes to paying back your loan

It’s important to note that the lender will carry out a full credit check to make sure the loan is affordable for you.

Within a few seconds, your lender will be able to provide you with a firm decision on whether or not you’ve been approved for a loan. 

If you’ve been approved and are happy to proceed, read their terms and conditions carefully and then simply click the acceptance button. In minutes*, your cash may be in your bank account.

Should I consider applying for a short-term cash loan?

It may be quicker than ever to apply for a short-term cash loan, but regardless of whether you borrow £100 or £5,000, taking out a loan is a financial commitment. The amount of interest you will be charged will be based upon your financial circumstances and the size of the loan you take out.

Short-term cash loans should only be used to pay for unexpected financial emergencies. Although our lending partners offer flexible repayment terms of between 3 and 36 months, you should never borrow more than you’re able to pay back. Missing a payment or making a late payment can lead to you being charged extra fees on top of the interest you’re already paying. 

How easy is it for me to be approved for an easy and fast loan? 

As online brokers, Little Loans can help borrowers find an appropriate lender based on their specific financial circumstances and individual loan requirements meaning that you won’t be wasting time trying to get a loan you’re unlikely to be approved for.

Our online application process is quick and easy and you’ll be provided with a loan decision within a matter of minutes. And, if you’re successful in your application, your cash be deposited into your account within a matter of minutes.

To apply for a short-term cash loan from Little Loans, click here (internal link) to fill in our quick and simple application form. It shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes to complete.

Are Little Loans instant cash loans authorised and regulated?

Yes. You can rest assured that we only work with a carefully selected number of lenders all of whom are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA. For your own financial security, all lenders offering both secured and unsecured loans are required to carry out a credit check on

Can I get an instant online loan if I have a bad credit history?

With over five million people a year successfully taking out short-term loans in the UK alone, it won’t come as a surprise that not everyone has a perfect credit score.

Little Loans prides itself on being able to match borrowers with responsible lenders who tailor their loan decisions based upon the specific circumstances of the person applying for the loan. 

As with borrowers, no two lenders are the same. By using the information that you supply to us, we match you with a lender likely to you with a competitive and affordable short-term cash loan enabling you to make those unexpected financial commitments. 

If you’re after an instant cash loan and you can’t find the money you need from any other source, we can save you time and effort by introducing you to the lender most likely to say “yes” to your short-term loan application.

Where can I find free financial advice?

There are six established debt charities in the UK which offer free advice, support, and guidance to borrowers who are concerned that their current level of debt is too difficult to manage. Please follow the following links for more information: StepChange, PayPlan, National Debtline, the Debt Advice Foundation, the Money Advice Service, and Citizens Advice.

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