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Short term loans for bad credit

Did you know that you could be eligible for a short term loan even with a bad credit history?

Little Loans could help you find out if you are eligible for a bad credit loan before you apply with our free 'no credit footprint' eligibility checker.

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Loans for bad credit explained

Have you ever experienced financial difficulties and worried that you may not qualify for a loan? Or have you had problems with your credit history in the past and not confident about being accepted?

Bad credit loans are for people looking to borrow money but have struggled in the past to find credit from other sources.

Little Loans compares top direct lenders who offer short term loans for bad credit and helps find the best loan for your situation.

What if I have very bad credit?

Little Loans may still be able to help you. We built our eligibility checker with everyone in mind.

We provide you with a free ‘loan confidence’ rating that gives you an instant online decision on your chances of being accepted – leaving no credit footprint whatsoever!

Is a bad credit loan right for me?

If you can say yes to one of the following questions, then you are likely to have a bad credit score. Have you:

  • Missed any loan repayments?
  • Missed any bill payments e.g. utility or phone bill?
  • Had any trouble with debts or bankruptcies?
  • Ever had applications for credit declined?

All the above can affect your credit score, but if managed responsibly, a loan for bad credit could go towards helping improve your credit.

What is a credit score?

When making a decision on whether or not you are eligible for a loan, the lender looks at numerous factors to assess your credit score (also known as credit rating).

When you apply for a loan, the lender carries out a number of checks on you to make sure you can afford to re-pay the loan. These checks involve the lender looking back over the past few years of your financial activity to determine your credit score.

hey use your past financial behaviour to predict your future activity. For example, if you’ve missed repayments on several occasions in the past, this could have a negative impact on your credit score, as there is a higher risk that you might be unable to make repayments again in the future compared to someone who has never missed a repayment.

Little Loans was designed to help people even if they have a very bad credit history. In fact, we help over 2,451 people find a loan every day.

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Quick tips to improve your credit score

If you are concerned about having bad credit and want to improve it, there are a few things you could do. Here’s our five quick tips to improve your credit rating.

1. Registered on the electoral roll

Make sure to register on the electoral roll at your current address. Your political views have absolutely no impact on your credit score, however, being registered to vote does.

Lenders see this as proof of address. So, if you haven’t already, register to vote today.

2. Keep everything up-to-date and accurate

This may sound like an obvious tip, but many people forget to update their details when e.g. they move house.

People also sometimes use slight variations of their names e.g. sometimes with middle name, sometimes without.

Ensuring your details are as accurate as possible on all accounts such as bank accounts, credit cards, mobile phones and utility bills can help ensure that your credit rating won’t be affected for something that can be easily avoided.

3. Close any credit-agreements which you no longer use

Having a credit card lying about that is never used may seem like you are responsible with your credit, however, it may have the opposite effect. It could look to a potential lender as though you already have access to enough credit and may struggle to meet future repayments if they also lend to you.

It’s better to close unused accounts when and where possible.

4. Keep on top of repayments

Each missed repayment will stay on your credit record for up to seven years. Do your utmost to keep on top of repayments as this goes towards proving that you are a lower risk.

5. Apply for credit you are more likely to get

We’d all want to get the market leading rates when it comes to lending. But if you know you have a poor credit history then it’s better to apply for loans that are more suited towards bad credit.

Being declined for a loan will affect your credit score.

Getting a short term loan when you have a history of bad credit and making sure you make the repayments, could prove to lenders that you can be responsible with your credit.

How much can I borrow with bad credit?

Little Loans can help you find a small loan from £100 right up to £5,000 over a period between 3 to 36 months.

Our customers

We help over 2,451 people find a loan every single day* and based on Feefo.com reviews - our customers who left a loans review recommended us with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 90 reviews.

Having money problems?

Do you feel like your financial situation is getting out of control? It's important that before you apply for any type of credit you are sure that you can make the repayments (even small loans).

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and your debts are mounting, then we strongly advise that you do not take out additional loans from any credit providers and instead speak to somebody about your situation straight away.

You can get free advice and support from organisations such as

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