How Does Vinted Work?

Whether you’re a Vinted newbie looking for the lowdown, or a diehard fan seeking top tips on how to make the most out of your second-hand shopping experience, we’ve put together the ultimate Vinted handbook to help you get better acquainted.

So, what exactly is Vinted?

Vinted is an online marketplace that allows you to browse, buy and sell second-hand items. You can use Vinted via their website, or by downloading the app for free on both Android and iOS devices.

With 75 million active members across 16 different counties, there’s no denying that Vinted has risen in popularity over the past few years. In April 2023, the Vinted app was downloaded a huge 3.08 million times.

The idea for Vinted was initially born from a scenario familiar to so many of us: a lady, with an overspilling wardrobe!

Back in Vilnius in 2008, Vinted founder Milda Mitkute was in the middle of moving house. She concluded that she had too many clothes and could not possibly take them all with her. Her partner Justas offered to help build her a website where she could give some of her garments away to friends… And the rest is history!

From this, Vinted was born, originally as a site where Lithuanian women could trade clothes.

What sort of things can I buy and sell on Vinted?

While Vinted is predominantly a clothing, shoes and accessories site, you would be surprised by the variety of treasure you can find!

From blazers to Beanie Babies and pumps to Pokémon cards, having a good old sift through the site can reveal a whole host of discounted delights.

What do people love about Vinted?

  • There are NO seller’s fees! Woohoo! Unlike eBay, sellers are entitled keep 100% of the profit earned from every sale.
  • You are not capped on the number of items you’re able to list.
  • Designer items can often be found at a fraction of their original price. While Vinted is a live marketplace with ever-changing item availability and prices, some of the items we discovered while doing our research were a genuine pair of never-worn ladies Vivienne Westwood shoes for £15, a brand-new-with-tags girl’s Clavin Klein skirt for £4, and a good-as-new men’s Hugo Boss polo shirt for £5.

Things to bear in mind…

  • The Buyer Protection Fee is mandatory across all purchases. This can cost anything between 3p and 8p, plus between 3% and 5% of the original purchase price.
  • Thrillingly, there are a lot of £1 items on Vinted. While this may look super-alluring to an eagle-eyed bargain hunter, it’s worth remembering that the basic cost does not include the Buyer Protection fee, or the postage expenses. Frustratingly, this can turn a £1 steal into a £5 fork out.
  • Fake profiles sadly may be in operation on Vinted, so it helps to be vigilant when making purchases. Be wary of sellers with no or low feedback. Sometimes, scammers will copy expensive listings from genuine sellers and pretend the item is theirs, which risks a buyer paying a lot of money for an item that doesn’t exist. Some sellers have actually taken to writing their profile name on a piece of paper and placing it next to their items on photos to prove authenticity.
    In the unfortunate event that you’re scammed on Vinted, you have two days from the onset of the issue to raise an issue.

How does it work?

As a buyer:

  1. Register an account by either downloading the app or logging onto the site.
  2. Simply click ‘sell now’ and upload your item’s description and photos.
  3. You will receive notifications when somebody ‘favourites’ your item, or when it has sold.
  4. When your item sells, you have five days to send it via the buyer’s selected postage method.
  5. Once the buyer has received the item and they are happy with it, they should click the ‘everything is okay’ button on the app, which will release your funds to your Vinted balance within two days. Your money will also be sent if the buyer is inactive for two days after the item shows to have been delivered.
  6. Some buyers forget to update the app to confirm delivery of the item, which may result in a delay to the funds showing on your balance.
  7. You can either keep the money in the Vinted app (to use against any future purchases of your own), or withdraw the money to your bank account.

As a seller:

  1. Register an account by either downloading the app or logging onto the site.
  2. Use the search bar to browse through items. You can use the filter tool to narrow your searches down by requirements such as size, colour and condition.
  3. See something you like? Either send the seller an offer, or simply buy at the asking price. Or, if you’re quite ready to buy, you can add the item to your favourites. You will be altered by a notification if the price of the item reduces, or if it sells.
  4. If you’re happy with the item once it arrives, be sure to log back onto the app and hit ‘everything is okay.’ If you have an issue, it’s important that you raise it within two days of delivery.

Top tips for selling on Vinted

Hoping to become a selling sensation and make a pretty penny or two? We’ve gathered some hints on how to increase your chances of securing a sale.

  1. Snap happy. Take clear photos of your items – and lots of them! Photograph items from every angle, paying particular attention to any flaws. Avoid using filters or colour enhancer apps as this can distort the true shade of the item. Believe it or not, this may bite you on the bum further down the line when someone receives a baby blue dress rather than the cobalt blue version they think they purchased!
  2. Be honest. If someone really loves that skirt, they’re probably not going to mind that there’s a small pull on the hem, IF you make them aware of it before they buy. On the other hand, if you fail to let them know and the item arrives with an unexpected issue, they’re likely to be pretty annoyed. You may even end up losing your money to a refund. Be sure to clearly list and photograph any faults. This will also cover your own back – not everyone is honest, and if you do not accept returns, buyers may deliberately damage an item if it doesn’t fit, or they don’t like it.
  3. The price is right. Before you decide on a cost for your item, browse through similar listings to get an idea of what other sellers are asking for. If you offer a slightly lower price than the average, you may increase your chances of a sale.
  4. Make an offer. If a seller favourites one of your items, why not send them a cheeky offer? Would you consider offering a slight discount in exchange for a potentially instant sale?
  5. Prove it. As we touched upon earlier, it’s a sad fact that not everybody is genuine. Some buyers may claim that they never received an item in order to bag a sneaky refund. To minimise the chances of this happening, retain a copy of your proof of postage and provide the buyer with photo evidence as soon as you send the item. Legitimate buyers will also appreciate this gesture, as it will give them an idea of when to expect their item. This may even lead to positive feedback for you as a seller, too!
  6. Get jiffy with it! Funding postage materials can be costly, especially if you’re generating a lot of sales. Get inventive with your make-shift envelopes by reusing jiffy bags, turning sturdy supermarket bags inside out, and recycling and repurposing cardboard boxes. Just be sure to remove addresses and existing barcodes from packaging before you reuse them.

Top tips for buying on Vinted

Looking to buy a one-off fancy dress costume but don’t want to spend a fortune? Why not make Vinted your first stop?
Many see Vinted as one big online charity shop – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good bargain?!

  1. My favourite! Just as this is a top tip for selling, favouriting an item to tempt a sale can work both ways! Adding desired items to your favourites may prompt the seller into sending you a discounted offer. This may not be the best method to rely on if you really want something, as holding off on purchasing may result in the item being sold to somebody else.
  2. Haggle. On Vinted, you can send up to five offers a day, bargaining up to 40% off the original price, although this cannot include postage fees. What’s that old expression? ‘If you want a goldfish, start by asking for a horse.’ The same applies here! Start with a large offer request, and then work your way down. The seller may or not agree to your offer – they are under no obligation to sell their item for a lower price than the advertised rate. Alternativity, the seller may send you a counter offer, which you can choose to either accept or decline.
  3. Compare, elsewhere. Don’t automatically assume that Vinted will offer the best price on the web. If you have your heart set on something, have a scan through the web first. For example, some eBay sellers propose a ‘free postage’ option on certain items. If you find the item you want is available in more than one place, weight up the total price – including any buyer fees and postage - on each site.
  4. Bundle up. Found a seller with a ‘drobe to die for? Why not see if they offer ‘bundle discounts’? Some sellers agree to lump items together for a set price. This also means that you will save on delivery costs, with just once transaction.
  5. Raise any issues within two days. If you’ve been sent an item that’s faulty or doesn’t match up to the seller’s description, you have just two days after delivery to report it. The seller will be prompted to negotiate a suitable outcome, which may include offering you a refund.

The final stitch

If you’ve got unwanted, decent-quality clothes and accessories cluttering up your home, Vinted could be a really savvy little side earner. With the added bonus of no seller’s fees, Vinted has the potential to let you make more from your sales than sites that do charge a fee to sell, such as eBay.

Vinted is also worth considering if you’re on the hunt for new clothes, but don’t want to spend a fortune. From discounted designer labels to cheap and cheerful wardrobe staples, Vinted is a great place to start, especially if you can cash in on bundle deals as well.

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